Greetings from Spain !

Looking back at the snow covered Sierra Nevada mountains from Granada. The hard work starts tomorrow. Was nice seeing the parades in Granada today, the Spanish really do religious festivals in a big way.


All Roads lead to Santiago

When you walk the Camino, all roads either lead to or from Santiago, and that is what the scallop shell symbolises, with all the routes radiating out from the central point which represents the city of Santiago de Compostela itself. The scallop itself also serves as somewhat of a hidden guide along the Camino way, pointing out the correct direction of travel to walkers.


John will take on the Camino again on the 16th of April, when he plans to travel on foot from Granada in the south of Spain, to Santiago de Compostela in the north west of the country.

The journey is between 1200 and 1400 kilometres and is planned to take about 46 days, with 400km of the journey scheduled to take place in the first two weeks.

John is not planning on scheduling and any specific rest days , but one very short 7km day at about the halfway point does feature in this plans when he hopes to get a nice hotel, perhaps with a swimming pool !

Johns first camino was the  Camino del Norte during which he raised funds for the Mater Hospital.  This time John has decided to fundraise in the name of Oristown National School to try help them with their sports hall fund, in memory of their former teacher, Clodagh Hawe.

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