Reached Lubian today after 29km, was a good walk although about 12km was along roads due to detours because of the building of the new high speed railway.


The Egret’s just love church towers. Have reached Montamarta, so tomorrow will be my last day on Via de la plata.

This last week has been difficult, my left leg swelled up last Thursday, and was extremely painful when walking.

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening in Zamora hospital having it looked at. They think it was a bite that caused it. I have antibiotics and cream now so hopefully it will improve...

Huelmos & Rest

Have reached Huelmos, after twenty eight days walking, so have decided to take a rest day tomorrow.

Should reach Granja de Moreruela on Saturday, this will be where I leave the Via de la plata, for the final stretch, the Sanabres.